Memorable 100th Birthday Celebration – Bayview Place Aged Care Residence

Bayview Place Aged Care Residence

On behalf of my mother, Violet, my husband and I offer our sincere appreciation and gratitude for the manner in which TriCare marked her 100th birthday. The lovely card with your best wishes, the delicious birthday cake and the spectacular flowers were important parts of what was a memorable celebration.

Glenice Kluver, Bayview’s Facility Manager, was integral to the success of the occasion. Her involvement in the initial planning of the ‘Violet – This Is Your Life’ morning tea, and oversight of all the arrangements – including positioning of the audience, ensured that the morning ran smoothly and was so enjoyable.

Jan and Ricki, Life Style Coordinators, were deeply involved in the planning and then, in Jan’s absence, Ricki threw herself wholeheartedly into bringing everything to fruition. Many of the staff, especially the PCs, went to great lengths to help Mum enjoy her special day. Some even went shopping for red outfits to suit the red colour theme. Some bought gifts of cards, Stella bought a triangle pillow and pink satin pillow case, Lisa a lovely night dress with violet flowers and ribbon, Linda hand-made a choice of two head bands to match Mum’s red dress, while Jade and Marizol bought beautiful flowers. Even some of the residents insisted on buying birthday cards and most wore something red.

Bayview Place ‘did Mum proud’.

Although my mother suffers from dementia, those who know her are aware that her comprehension is remarkable. It was obvious that she thoroughly enjoyed her 100th birthday and now, when we relive special moments, her wide smile is testament to her continuing enjoyment.

In conclusion, Bayview Place Nursing Centre at Runaway Bay stands in stark contrast to the negative perception many of the public have of aged cared facilities. Thank you again.

Katherine Foster – Daughter of Viole

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